Defending Every Right to Be

In Memory of our dear friend John Lineberger

Love is Love

Vision Statement

UPva dreams of a day when folks living in the Page Valley of Virginia will engage every human being with fairness and equality.

Mission Statement

We are all trying to get through this crazy, wonderful, difficult, beautiful life journey. Let’s achieve that together. Learn to never judge another person based on ethnicity, gender, age, weight, looks or LGBTQ orientation. Listen to those you believe are contrary and you may find that we’re not all so different. If we all do this everyone can be ensured equality and be embraced as full members of the community at home, at work and in every day life. Join us as we defend every right to be.

If you identify as LGBTQ we are for you. If you have a family member, friend or work associate who identifies as LGBTQ we are for you. If you are or ever have been discriminated against for any reason (race, gender, disability, age, nationality, religion, etc.) we are for you. In short if you stand against discrimination, then you stand with us.

UPva Community, Members and Sponsors

UPva Community
The UPva Community is open to anyone who agrees not to discriminate. Joining is as easy as finding our closed group on Facebook and clicking the join button. If you need any existing member can invite you to join the page. The UPva community participant can be included in our business listings and will be invited to most events.

UPva Member (Under development)
Anyone can become an UPva Member by agreeing not to discriminate.

We rely on our members for advice in running the UnitePageVA organization. UPva Members will be invited to all Community and Member events including the UPva Annual Gala. They will also get emails from our group as we develop.

UPva Sponsor
The UPva sponsor is welcome into our UPva Community and as an UPva Member as we’re sure they agree with us not to discriminate. Some people are just kind enough and able to give more. UPva Sponsors are thanked on our website and at UPva community events. They have our gratitude. We give them a “thumbs up.”

Sponsor levels:
• Wake Up – $50–$99
• Start Up – $100–$249
• Measure Up – $250–$499
• Speed Up – $500–$999
• Way Up – $1,000 and above

Join the UPva FaceBook Group Community  here.