About PRIDE / FAQ's

Pride 2023 at Riverbend Ranch was a great success.  Thanks go to Riverbend Ranch for providing the venue and providing a safe haven.  Thank you for all that attended, defending Every Right to Be and playing a part in the event!  We look forward to 2024 and growing the Pride Event even larger.

Information and FAQ’s for PRIDE 2023

Where is the Pride Afternoon this year?
We have been given a generous donation that allows us to enjoy the gorgeous River’s Bend Ranch just a few minutes outside the town of Stanley.

The GPS address is: 397 Riverbend Rd, Stanley, VA 22851. Pride will be at the Ranch Pavilion.

When is Pride this year?
Pride 2023 will be on Saturday June 3, 2023. We will kick off at noon and close around 6pm. Come when you are able. This is a rain or shine event…. in the event of rain, we have a shelter available!

Is there a charge to come to Pride?
NO! We have been given a generous donation that allows us to rent the Ranch Pavilion for the day, but donations are welcome! All the vendors that are attending will offer items for sale and we ask you to generously support our business allies!

What should I wear?
We will have access to the Shenandoah River and to ride horses, so dress however you are comfortable for the events you want to do! Remember, this is an event with children invited, so don’t get too skimpy!

The first Saturday in June is also LGBT RED SHIRT DAY! Red Shirt Day is an international designation started with Gay Days at Disney World in the 1990’s. WEAR A RED SHIRT on SATURDAY 6/3 even if you can’t make it to Pride!

What about High School Graduation?
We were very aware that both high schools graduate on that day – we hope our graduates, families and friends will be able to join us in the afternoon after… or before…. their big event!

What is the format for this year?
Like last year, we are theming around a picnic type event: food, drink mingling and games. What is new this year is that we will have FOOD TRUCKS for you to purchase your food and drinks. Please support the businesses that have dedicated themselves to making this a great PRIDE event!

Who is providing food?
So far, we have confirmed the El Amigo Food Truck, Zack’s Snacks and Ice Cream from Main Street Flavors. Wisteria Farm and Vineyard will be setting up a table inside the pavilion for glasses of wine for sale too!

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes. While we hope you will support our vendors, you may also bring your own food and drink. Please note that we do not have grills to cook, so if you bring food, it should be ready to eat!

Is this a family friendly event?
Yes. Family and friends of all ages are welcome and invited to join us at this event that celebrates the LGBTQIA Community!

The flyer says there is horseback riding?
Yes. The management of the Ranch would love to arrange a trail ride for our celebrants! The ride will be either 30 min or 60 min and will have a cost that will cover the use of the horse and a skilled trail guide…. NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!!!

Love is love
Riding at Rivers Bend Ranch

Are you ready for some PRIDE? How about Pride on Horseback?? The ranch is offering 3 1-hour guided rides at a discounted price of $50/person! Times are tentatively scheduled for 12:30p, 2p and 3:30p. We need to have an idea of numbers of riders per ride – maximum is 8 people per session and is 1st come, first ride! It takes time to get a horse ready for a ride after all!! If you are interested in a guided horseback trail ride, please email us at INFO@UNITEPAGEVA.ORG with your name, phone number, time you want and number of folk you want to register. Happy Pride!!