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Unite Page Virginia

Education - Defending Every Right to Be Prepared

Nobody comes with a user manual, but at UPva we have all been there before.

Any challenges you might face, know that others have faced them too and you are not alone.

One thing that helps is to know your rights and the laws regarding employment, housing, local ordinances.

LGBTQ Diversity Supportive Employment Law

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  • Educating the Employer
  • Educating the Employee

LGBTQ Diversity Supportive Housing Law

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  • Educating the Landlord
  • Educating the Renter

LGBTQ Diversity Supportive Ordinances

  • Nationally
  • Statewide
  • Page County wide
  • Town of Luray
  • Town of Stanley
  • Town of Shenandoah

Advocacy Seminar—Telling our Stories

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