​Who doesn’t like a good party?

The LGBTQ community is used to doing these for itself with flair. Times have changed and we have abundance and out of that abundance we intend to give back and give forward. Don’t hold it against us that we know how to have a blast while doing good.

We are planning to have an annual Spring Fundraiser, but in addition to this main event we have an ambition to raise other funds though Membership, Rent Parties, Advertising, Sponsorships and sometimes Event Fees.

Our goal is to have money to pay for our programs and the remainder we will grant out to organizations that support equality and LGBTQ citizens.

Become an UPva Member and Sponsor by filing out this form.


UPva Sponsor

The UPva sponsor is welcome into our UPva Community and as an UPva Member as we’re sure they agree with us not to discriminate. Some people are just kind enough and able to give more. UPva Sponsors are thanked on our website and at UPva community events. They have our gratitude. We give them a Thumbs Up.


Wake Up – $50–$99
• Lena Kline and Chris Brown
• Hank Overton and Wiley Gregory
• Lisa McQuail
• Adelheid and Mike Osmers
• Lisa Marie
• Cynthia Smith and William Kelly
• Nina and John Wolf

Start Up – $100–$249
• James North and Kevin Boyd
• Charles and Laura Butler
• Kathy Deignan
• Isaac George
• Jeff Taylor and Donald Harrell
• Steve Jones
• Russell and Phillip Love
• John Moss and Maureen Messick Moss
• Tony Stephens and Carlton Wilt

Measure Up – $250–$499
• Keith Belk

Speed Up – $500–$999
• John Lineberger and Jeff Sponaugle

Way Up – $1,000 and above
• The Costolloe Family

In kind donations:

Eleanor Ames
Keith Belk
Compass Tea
Domino’s Pizza
Fairfax and Page Estate Sales
Faithbrook Farm and Vineyard
Gathering Grounds Patisserie & Café
Hawksbill Brewing Co.
Jordan Hollow Riding Stable
Gail Kyle
Moonshadows Restaurant
Nest & Hive
Leah Pence
Piney Hill Bed and Breakfast
Shenandoah Moon
Shenandoah River Outfitters
Skyline CBD
South Court Inn Bed and Breakfast
The Pottery Lady
The Trophy Shop Plus
Virginia Gift Shop
West Main Market
Wisteria Farm and Vineyard
Wolfbat Studios in Luray